Hello my Internet family and friends! Hopefully, all of your questions are address in a clear and concise manner.

My primary objective for creating this page is to save you and myself some valuable time by sharing with you my thoughts on the most frequently asked questions. However, if your question is not addressed below, just click here >> Contact Me Directly!


Q1. I’ve never ran my own business… can I really do this?

A1. Absolutely! Whether it be a Subway franchise or a lemonade stand, one of the toughest parts of running any small business is preparation, defining your business plan, generating qualified leads, staying focus, and being consistent. You must have a purpose driven reason before starting and simply give yourself permission to make a firm decision to move forward.
Q2. Who are you and why should I believe what you say?

A2. I’m a husband of one, father of 3, and a friend to many. My agenda is clear and my intentions are pure. I don’t want you to believe me; I want you to believe and trust in yourself that you can make an intelligent decision. I'm confident that if you decide to connect with me, you will no doubt identify that I am here to help. All I ask is for you to just give me 1% of your trust and allow me to earn the other 99%.

Q3. I really hate selling, so can I still make money?

A3. Most definitely! In fact, I hate selling too. You just need to focus on providing value, solutions, and leadership. When you succeed in these areas, you will build trust and become a recommended human resource. The money and sales will likely flow from there. It also wouldn't hurt to leverage a system that does all the selling on your behalf, then all you would have to do is point them in that direction, just like I do.

Q4. How fast can I make money if I decide to start a business?

A4. It depends on how fast you can make the decision to start. The answer is truly that simple. People who are slow decision makers are usually slow in making money, and vice verse. Once you know what you want, and then decide to take consistent action, it's all up to you my friend. And if anyone tells you different… run for the hills!

Q5. How much money can I really make if I join your business?

A5. This is totally up to you… it really depends on your commitment level. I will share ALL the recommended tools, trainings, and even how to apply a custom plan of action that's conducive to your personal schedule that you can quickly implement. Obviously, there are no income guarantees, but if you get stuck along the way, we have live & recorded resources available (including direct access to me). What you choose to do is totally up to you. Again, you'll have everything needed to succeed!

Q6. Is your primary business the best opportunity in the world?

A6. No and neither is McDonald’s. However, the companies that I chosen to partner with can arguably be the smartest platforms to start generating passive and residual income, there are always better options out there. But understand… it's not all about the company, product, or the lucrative compensation; it’s about — does it really make sense for long term financial stability, can it be leveraged to save you time & energy, is there a big enough market that desperately need this solution, and can YOU do it!

Q7. How do I determine and find my target market?

A7. This is where it gets exciting. Your primary target market is people who have already expressed an interest by investing money on a similar product, service, or business opportunity. You just have to properly position whatever you're offering to attract qualified prospects or business partners, while proactively marketing your solution. My company, my team, and myself can help you find your target market.

Q8. Should I join today?

A8. Yes, especially if you're passionate about building a successful business, making money, and eventually having total freedom. Otherwise, you can still go and shop around, surf the net, or hop from deal to deal. If you want to start making money next year, just wait until next year, and if you don’t think you can make money, you’re probably right. It’s up to you… I recommend that you start today if you're serious.

Q9. Do I need to build and manage a blog to be successful?

A9. Of course not, but I can certainly help you establish one if you’d like. Hosting and optimizing a blog for lead generation, to improve your lead conversion, and assist in branding you is an advanced marketing strategy. Nevertheless, it's really fun, easy, and inexpensive to do. However, you'll have to dedicate more time initially in learning all the possibilities of strategic blogging… and if done properly, success is certain.

Q10. This page has been helpful, but can I contact you directly?

A10. Absolutely! I really enjoy talking with people. I’m not a pushy salesman or a high-pressure kind of guy, so let's schedule some time to chat in the next 48 hrs.
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